Segmented and Behaviour-Based Email Marketing is Here (B2B)

Email segmentation is getting smarter

Originally published as “AI is teaching old dogs new tricks

Email Marketing is constantly evolving. In B2B, it can be a vital component to help orchestrate the path to perform in an environment with rising Customer expectations. Creating the ideal Customer experience is a key differentiator in order to meet the challenges we face in this new era of business and technology.

Everything has changed — again! 2017 is a big year, tech-wise, and digital gurus are reinventing the way we conduct business. Alongside artificial intelligence, in-depth analytics and mobility, behaviour-based email is driving modern marketing. This is the first in a new series about today’s most relevant tech jumps, and it’s here to make a splash* in your planning pool.

In 2017, upcoming email segmentation techniques are on the horizon. Soon, intelligent consumer-targeting email campaigns will take over, helping business providers segment their markets, create awesome campaigns and boost customer acquisition and retention. Let’s check out the technology behind this collaborative beauty — because it hasn’t only arrived: It’s here to stay.

The B2B Climate and Automated Services

In the tech world, it isn’t rare to see innovations spawn from B2B. That said, “strategic marketing” is still a virtually hidden concept to many B2B operators. If it’s used, lacking understanding and severely lacking human-power can prevent the platform from taking off. In most cases, there’s a big lack of consistent, target-oriented segmentation tools being used.

This brings us to the next point: Customer targeting. Email marketing is old. Really old. It isn’t obsolete by any means, but decision makers are ironing out some of its older details. Systematically applied marketing tools work. Customer segmentation, at the end of the day, can overturn even the most homogenous of consumer populations. And, let’s be honest: Email marketing is quite homogenous.

To get smarter with our Email Marketing, there is a need for consumer segmentation that is more than just groupings of customer types from metadata in a CRM or Email Marketing tool. Even modern day Marketing Automation tools with rules to trigger intelligent email sequences, often provide limited success when their segmentation focus is mostly based on historical events, basic actions, or premonitions of a digital marketer. The new Email Marketing I am talking about, runs deep with Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence that produces personalised messages in real-time using a broad array of Content options; It is, Segmented and Behaviour-Based Email Marketing.

Consumers expect personalised messages; especially in B2B

Psychology as a Resource

Among the many FJORD Trends of 2017, psychology is a huge factor. Blurred reality, humanised chat bots and smarthomes serve to make our lives easier. In the B2B world, it’s the same deal. For too long, email marketing has succumbed to run-of-the-mill audience targeting tactics. Now, digital decision makers are using predictive analysis to pinpoint fertile grounds within recipient populations.
The name of the game is sales funnel. Yes, B2B suffers from sales funnel targeting difficulties, too. Marketers able to harness predictive analysis software, however, can dissect key populations. In a way, email segmentation is only now catching up to the world of SEO and social media marketing — two realms where audience dissection is expected, not optional.

The Tools

Now for the nitty gritty. In the near future, we can expect B2B marketers to use geo-targeting services, in-depth behavioural analysis tools and cross-segmentation tools. To dissect a population, marketers need to target their movements across different platforms.
Sure, B2B is different from purist consumer environments. As the world of mobile grows, however, B2B and B2C are becoming similar. Because individual factors, like social status, age and gender can help marketers boost their accuracy, smartphones are becoming the Swiss Army knives of business. Already, email campaigns are being moulded around SMS campaigns, push notifications, beacon technology responses and mobile review posts.


To make emails more engaging, B2B marketers are enhancing interactivity. In the near future, we’ll see a leap from today’s click-to-watch openers, content links and interactive calls to action. Likely, haptic (touch) technology will make instant-access smartwatch emails a viable solution.
Interactive surveys, too, will benefit the behaviour-based email upsurge. By tracking B2B recipient actions, marketers can view, analyse and act upon client interactions. Digital technology is completely rewiring the way organisations conduct business — and business isn’t exclusive to consumers, either. B2B engagements are valuable, and they’re highly reliant on responsive, innovative tech adoptions. For more ways to stay up to date with this ever changing world, my posts aim to keep you in touch with 2017’s latest, greatest innovations.

* About Me
I’ve decided to publish some of the things that I come across this year; polish some diary entries about my daily travels in the area of business, technology and sport. I hope you get some useful value from my experience and interests. 
There is one important thing id like you to know about the way I approach my work. I could articulate this in other ways, but none better than if I credit this explanation to my friend, Nick Bowditch from his book “Reboot Your Thinking: 28 Days to Think Different. Be Better” — and I believe he got it from Tim Ferris so I think it’s highly relevant that I use it.

I am not the expert. I’m the experimenter, the scribe, and the guide. If you find anything amazing in this blog, it’s thanks to the brilliant minds who acted as teachers, resources, critics, contributors, proofreaders and references. If you find anything ridiculous in this blog, it’s because I didn’t heed their advice or I made a mistake

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