The Story Behind WorkGenius

WorkGenius KO Event @ HQ in SF

A little less than 4 years ago I moved to San Francisco to work for a mobile advertising startup called Vungle. In many ways it was your typical startup story. When I started there we had less than 10 people when I started and grew to more than 160 when I left. I had the privilege of building out our revenue team as VP Sales. In my time there we grew from a few hundred dollars a day to revenues in the high eight figures. Despite managing a 55 person team spread across 5 countries I left my job and started with my co-founder Bjorn.

I left because I saw how unhappy my girlfriend Hilda was working for a variety of on-demand companies. She had worked in fashion in LA and had moved to SF to join me and in doing so gave up a job she loved and moved away from the place she’d called home her entire life. I convinced her that on-demand jobs would be easy to pick up and could pay up to $50–60K per year. The result was far different than I expected. Her pay was inconsistent, miles on her car went up, and her left hand swelled up from carpel tunnel. As I talked to more drivers and delivery couriers I kept hearing a similar story: inconsistent work, non-transparent pay, misleading Craigslist ads. Put simply it’s hard to find enough work.

We’re only a few months into our journey but we’re confident that if we listen closely enough to our workers we can turn on-demand jobs into better jobs. We can’t make traditionally low wage jobs into high wage jobs, but we can make them transparent, flexible, and reliable. With independent work representing 100% of net job growth over the past 10 years, we couldn’t have picked a more important problem to tackle.

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