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It makes me glad when I go to my blog stats to find out that only few people read my posts and most of them read 100% of my posts. I write truthful stories and opinions that are very far from what people are expecting. Throughout my experience writing for several magazines I got to use some basic ideas to push my posts going viral, while on this blog I do it in a different way that you won’t find me following what is trending.

No Listings (10 Reasons why you should stab your female professor two weeks before the final exam), No Arabic traveling tips (إزاي تلف أوروبا ب ٥٠٠ يورو و تعمل شوبنج و تاكل وجبتين في اليوم واحدة منهم بس شاورما), No fake quotes that I hate much to be frank so if you felt a quoting in my writing this might be a humble line I made up unless mentioned, and much more things excluded. Now you got my point, this blog is different, not many people are expected to like it, and hopefully only few will fall in love with it. This is a different sort of writing that I have been improving since 2011 to reach this level of what I could say tolerance while telling my own stories and passing my experience, it is not easy at all, it takes much courage and effort.

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