My 58-Days tour (Part 2: Ahmed jest Muzułmaninem)

Along the way the hurdles I have been given made me more creative…

In Poland my first hurdle was the Polish alphabet, that looked a bit like latin ones but in totally different pronunciation, for example this Ł is not an (El) it’s an (Eww). I got to learn the differences by the time. During my stay I had to capture the names of streets, landmarks and metro stations on my phone so it would help when I type the names on maps application or ask locals about the directions.


My second hurdle was being questioned all the time as an Egyptian, as a Muslim, and as an Arab. I had to expect dozens of questions from everyone all the time, the top asked questions were why don’t I drink alcohol? and why girls in Islam wear hijab? While I am a normal person with no degrees in Islamic studies, I have been asked very tricky questions, I could’t give academic answer for them, and I was using my own logic, what I believe in, what I know for sure, and what I am not so sure about. I tell them.

One day a girl I knew and I’ve worked with called Kasia asked me “how girls in a hot country like yours wear this veil in summer? don’t their heads suffer from the heat!” and I replied that she can ask them if she knows any because I have never experienced this, then I asked her if her legs suffer coldness while wearing a mini skirt?! she laughed. Honestly I am against the idea that we humans, live defending things we haven’t chosen like our nations, ethnic groups, or even our inherited traditions, but my religion is some of the few things I have chosen myself in this life, a true belief I live with. I know it is not easy to a religious man in a world full of religions underestimate messages, while I am not a religious man but I am a true believer. However people I met thought that I am a religious man because I do not drink alcohol and give serious logical answers whenever they ask me about Islam.

This restaurant in Poznań, Poland which I never tried. But I loved the coincidence. Ahmed is my name ;)

Some people were asking me if Muslims are terrorists and want to kill them, now I need to check if people eating in Ahmed restaurant get poisoned and die or they’re alive, because if muslims are terrorists then all people eating kebab in Europe will die poisoned!

Salam ;) until Part 3

To be continued …

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