2 Liars, Not Alike In Dignity.

Clinton and the clown she’s running against (I’m done saying his name and treating him like a legitimate candidate) are both liars. Here’s the difference.

  • Clinton lies like the NFL lied about concussions. Like Philip Morris lied about cigarettes — start with total denial and keep gradually revising your statements when new information leaks out that makes it obvious that you’re lying. In short, she lies like a corporate lawyer… You know, the job that she trained for.
  • The other guy lies like a bratty 12-year-old: all the time, with little forethought, saying whatever comes into his head, committing to it completely as though it were his most deeply-held belief, and going apeshit on you if you try to call him out on it. He lies like someone who, because of his rich dad, has never once had to face the consequences of lying to a superior (how many times do you think he dropped “My dad is gonna…” on people as a kid?) One of my favorite of his rhetorical moves is this…
  1. Say something provocative about an issue you want in the news. True, false, doesn’t matter.
  2. When your interviewer tries to follow up, talk over them, get personal with them, get huffy — do whatever it takes to distract from having a real discussion about the thing you just said.
  3. The interviewer has wasted too much time on this and has pressure to move on.
  4. The provocative statement goes more or less unchallenged and now everyone (primarily Clinton) has to respond to it later, which means now everyone’s talking about the thing you wanted to talk about! Hooray!

These are your options! Bear in mind — the first candidate is undoubtedly qualified for the job, the other is banging pots and pans and beating his chest to distract from the fact that he doesn’t even really want the job (just the prestige and power of it). Choose wisely, America!

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