Clinton Supporters: You’re Doing It Wrong

Full disclosure: I think Trump is not an acceptable option, I disagree with Johnson on too many positions, and I don’t think Stein has a chance (and maybe that’s for the best). For me in CA, I’ll be voting Green since my vote doesn’t really matter so I might as well give it to the cause of potentially benefitting a party that actually reflects my positions.

HOWEVER, if you live in a swing state, I think there is a moral imperative to vote Clinton, not because of who she is, but because of how bad/flawed the other options are.

But hoo boy Clinton supporters, have you tried to convince me and others to your side the wrong way. Here’s a few examples.

  • By directly or indirectly calling everyone who doesn’t immediately drop all objections and support your candidate a sexist, a racist, or a privileged child who needs to “grow up.” Very convincing! You’ve not only put me on the defensive, but you’re fulfilling all the notions that right puts forward about the out-of-control “P.C. Police”. If you’d like to have a discussion with somebody, calling them a bigot at the outset is going to make it a pretty short discussion.
  • By insisting that Clinton’s ratings were high when doing a job and only low when she was running for office. Yeah — who the fuck knows what the SoS is up to? A Secretary of State’s ratings are only low when their name is attached to some clusterfuck and otherwise people do not give a shit. How do you think Kerry’s ratings are right now? I’m sure most people would respond “Is he still a senator?” Same thing with your Senator — outside of election season, how often are you thinking about your Senator and the job they’re doing? Wouldn’t the netural voters’s default position be to say their home team is doing a great job? Point being: Every politician who isn’t the President or isn’t making themselves incredibly visible at all times (like the Cruzes and Ryans of the world) is not being paid attention to and, as someone who voted for Clinton for the Senate, I can tell you that I had basically no awareness of what she was up to during that time and I would not be alone. When it comes to those positions, no news = solid approval ratings.
  • The fear pitch! YOU MUST FOR VOTE OUR CANDIDATE OR SOCIETY WILL COLLAPSE! This doesn’t work for multiple reasons, the main one being — many people see the free trade/corporate/banking-friendly positions of the Clintons (and Obama) as ALSO leading to collapse, but in slow motion. How many of the low-to-mid paying jobs that had a stable pension waiting at the end of a career have been lost to globalism due to the trade policies embraced by the mainstream political establishment? You can make your arguments for why that’s necessary/for the greater good, but at the end of the day, you’ve got millions of people who’ve lost their livelihoods and you want them to say “thank you sir, may I have another?” Trump’s ridiculous claim that he’ll “bring those jobs back” at least addresses this discontent, albeit in a simplistic and totally unrealistic fashion. Clinton needs to get ahead of this — talk up the green jobs, the infrastructure jobs, the environmental cleanup jobs that she could preside over. As she even acknowledges in recent speeches, she needs to give us concrete and INSPIRING things to vote FOR, not just spectres of what Trump could unleash if we don’t vote against him. Which leads me to a greater point…


I can tell you right now — you are never going to convince anyone that Clinton is an uncorrupted, honest figure who only has our best interest at heart. You may believe that to your core, but you will NEVER CONVINCE ANYONE ELSE OF THIS SO STOP TRYING. When you get into a discussion of her personality, you are going to lose. She has all the shadiness of her impeached husband with all the boringness of the last 2 Democrats that lost their Presidential campaigns.

What you NEED to convince people of are her PLANS. She sells them in a wonky fashion that puts people to sleep, Kerry-style. Do not try to sell people on an apprenticeship program for tax credits — I think I fell asleep just writing that sentence. SELL THE BROAD STROKES. Summarize Clinton’s platform in 3 or 5 bullet points. Stupid? You fucking bet. As someone whose job it is to make commercials, let me tell you — Americans are not attenuated for a long, detailed, sensible sell. They want it on a meme. (P.S. Don’t literally put Hillary in a meme — imagine your mom being a meme and how effective that would be. Old person+meme=bad)

One last piece of advice for the moment — STOP TALKING ABOUT TRUMP. His entire game is easy…

  1. Trump says something totally outrageous about a topic that’s friendly to the GOP, but with a little bit of wiggle room — say, suggesting his opponent might get assassinated by fed-up gun nuts.
  2. Everybody freaks out. Trump gets all the clicks and views, as planned.
  3. Clinton is forced to respond.
  4. Trump plays innocent, but also is able to take Clinton’s response and twist it around so that now we’re having a conversation — about guns in this example — on Trump’s terms.