Open letter to Ambassador Haley

Ambassador Haley,

I am writing to you as an Indian-American, who is seriously concerned about my security and safety of myself and my family members.

As you may know, two Indian-American men, Alok Madasani and Srinivas Kuchibhotla, were gunned down in Kansas City, MO on February 23. Kuchibhotla was killed. As reported by The Kansas City Star, and shared by other media outlets, a drunk man, Adam Purinton decided they were Middle Eastern, felt that they didn’t belong in this country, and was given all of the tools; accessibility to firearms and political permission by Donald Trump’s rhetoric to destroy Srinivas Kuchibhotla’s life. Ma’am, I am an American, and these days because of my skin color and ethnic background, I do not feel secure in my country. 
 This was not a random or isolated act of violence towards people with brown skin, rather it is the most fatal in a string of attacks on mosques, assaults, that have been on the rise in this country since Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. 
 I am writing to you a member part of Donald Trump’s cabinet, and a fellow Indian-American in President Trump’s cabinet, to demand that you use your considerable influence to address this terrorism against immigrants, Muslims, and other people of color in America. You are part of a cabinet whose, politics of division, prejudice, has directly influenced these acts of violence.
 Acts like these, based on hatred, fear, and ignorance make no distinctions, no nuance, it is a wholesale form of violence towards anyone that “looks like the enemy”. As an Indian-American, the biggest threat to my safety is not ISIS, or Mexican laborers, but individuals like Mr. Purinton. On this day, Mr. Kuchibola, was killed, perhaps tomorrow it could be me, or my brother, or my sister, or my parents. 
 I ask that you to speak out against this violence and use your powers to influence the administration away from this irresponsible rhetoric and policy.


Benjamin Abraham

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