4 Reasons Why You Should A/B Test Everything

Decisions are made by your smartest stakeholder: Your Customer

Customers often times don’t get a seat at the table when decisions are being made. A/B testing is a great way to get their input. Everyone nowadays is talking about the “Voice of the Customer” and this is probably the best way to get the talking. The best part is that they don’t even know that they are making decisions, getting rid of any bias and eliminating the Hawthorne Effect which can skew your results in most other VOC studies (such as Usertests or Interviews).

Quantify Yo’self

What does that mean? Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to your manager or leadership team at the end of the year and say that your decisions have generated and additional $5 million in revenue? Yea I thought so. When you A/B test any and all changes you are making to your marketing campaigns or your website, it will not only tell you if it’s better, but also by how much (if you track it right). Just remember this blog post when you get that promotion and show me some love by sharing it.

Make Less Expensive Mistakes

This one is somewhat the opposite of my last point, but I’ll explain anyways. When bad decisions are being made (and we all know there are some BAD decisions being made every day) and they get pushed down to the marketing team to be implemented, you can split test them to see just how bad they are. The great part about this is that we are, again, letting the customers do the talking. What I like to do in these situations as well, is turn the negative into a positive, and say that “we just saved the company $50k by NOT implementing this”. Or you can tell them to go ahead and implement it… “just know this decision will cost you $50k” (with a smile on your face).

More Creative Teams

When the answer is always “We can go ahead and test that” even if you or someone else disagrees, it gives people more confidence to speak up. And it’s simple, more people speaking up turns into more and greater ideas. Fostering a testing culture is one of the best ways to enhance creativity.