How I got free WiFi on my flight to LA

I am connected to the internet, writing and posting this from 31,000 ft in the air, for free. Let me explain…

The plan was to fly to Los Angeles, CA from Philadelphia, PA. I was expecting a power outlet and perhaps a crappy touchscreen that played movies. As for the possibility of sleep, unfortunately all this flight brought to the tray-table were leather rocks that could recline just about 3 inches. The plane took off, we reached the cruising altitude, and I heard the flight attendant say the following through the speaker: “We also have Gogo In-flight Wifi on this flight, which can be accessed by connecting to the network…”

Yes! My flight would be spiced up with some internet that I could use to conquer the world. I followed the instructions and connected to the network, only to find that the internet cost $16.99 (That’s almost how much a cheap one month Comcast internet plan costs!)

I wasn’t going to pay that much money for a few hours of slow internet. With time on my hands and boredom at my heels, I devised a plan. As they say, “desperate times call for desperate measures”. On the website’s sidebar, there was a “help” section where I could hold a live chat conversation with one of GoGo’s employees. And I did. Here is the conversation I had with the GoGo representative, whose name I have replaced with “GoGo”.

GoGo: Welcome to Gogo. My name is ***** .
GoGo: Hello Richard. How are you today? I see you are having trouble with your password. Let me help you right away and get you signed in.
GoGo: I can help you, Can you give me your gogo account email for this.
Richard Parker: Hi *****, I work for Google and I have a bussiness subscription through them.
GoGo: Understood and what error are you receiving?
Richard Parker: This is my first time using the service, but I am sure you get a lot of people from Google asking you questions.
GoGo: We do and will assist you as well. I do require the email address you are using.
Richard Parker: Anyway, my boss told me I could just contact you through this and you would give us access to the service and charge the business.
Richard Parker: The email is
Richard Parker: But, I do not think my email is linked to an account
GoGo: No it is not, in order to use the service you need to create an account.
Richard Parker: Okay, but once I create an account, can you charge the pass onto my companies account?
GoGo: Are you trying to use ipass?
Richard Parker: I’m not sure what that is.
GoGo: Don’t worry just wanted to clear doubts. Go ahead and create an account
GoGo: And I will help out further with a complimentary pass.
Richard Parker: Okay thank you.
Richard Parker: where do I make the account?
GoGo: Easy as following this link
GoGo: or
GoGo: Click I don’t have a gogo account to begin or create an account.
Richard Parker: Should I enter a promo code?
GoGo: I will add the pass automatically once you create the account. To redeem it log in to account and click on the notification you have a available passes to redeem.
GoGo: You will activate the pass and be good to use gogo!
Richard Parker: They want me to enter a credit card number
GoGo: Leave that on blank for now.
Richard Parker: Okay. It highlights red and would like me to enter something
Richard Parker: I think it is because I have a 30-minute pass in my order summary.
GoGo: Can you give me the email you are trying to sue?
GoGo: Use?
Richard Parker: Oh wait, i signed up. i used my personal email, b*****
GoGo: Found the account. I added the pass to such and all you have to do is log out and in to redeem the pass.
Richard Parker: Okay let me check.
GoGo: I will satnd by.
Richard Parker: It works! Thank you very much. If you would like, I can refer you to my employer for doing a great job.
Richard Parker: Thank you again and happy holidays!
GoGo: Thank you for the referral offer am good.
Enjoy the pass and also can you do me a favor and find out if the servce you were promised is at company expense for next time.
Richard Parker: Okay, thanks.
Richard Parker: Goodbye.
You have disconnected.

(Of course, I had to make my name Richard Parker…)

After this ethically questionable social engineering, the representative added a complimentary full-flight duration internet pass to my account.

What I learned:

  • The people that work at GoGo seem to not mind giving out free passes
  • If you say you work for Google, you must be important

That’s it. If you are on a flight and in dire need of WiFi service, perhaps try my “method” out and tell me how it works out for you in the comments. (Just say you are from Yahoo, not Google!). If you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends (they will thank you later).

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