According to research from Gallup, organizations with the highest employee engagement rates “have leaders who encourage their teams to solve problems at the local level rather than using top-down commands. They focus their training and development programs on building local managers’ and teams’ capability to solve issues on their own.” Further, these organizations see employee recognition as a means to develop and stretch employees to new levels of success, because recognition of outstanding team leaders sends a strong message about what the company values.

When thinking about how we keep employees engaged, in particular those who sit in the technology…

Research suggests that positive business outcomes are directly tied to gender diversity — which can provide creativity and varying views, backgrounds and experiences. So, if diversity is so beneficial to the success of an organization, then why is it that industries like science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are struggling to embrace it?

Data from Pew Research found that of all the STEM subgroups, engineering is composed of the lowest share of women by far, at just 14%, and that just 16% of college-educated workers who majored in engineering are women.

This lack of diversity in engineering and technology is…

A lot has changed since the last time you heard from us. Advanced TV, and all that it comes with, has become more popular with consumers than ever before, Google has announced its long anticipated plans to end Chrome browser’s support of third-party cookies, new privacy restrictions like CCPA have finally been put in place, and in a twist no one could have predicted, we’re finding ourselves having to adapt to a new norm of staying at home.

Clearly our industry is ever-changing and evolving. While at times it can seem complex, we’ve broken down the three major trends we’ve…

Ben John

Chief Technology Officer at Xandr

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