Many of this applies, but at least for Instagram, I see many (including people I know personally…
Whuillë Bildsten

I don’t use Instagram too often, but I do see people using a lot of hashtags that are targeted to their content, so I would defer to your expertise on that one! Thanks for sharing. Maybe I need to add hashtags to the list.

And while I agree that social can be disconnected from real life, I think meeting other people in your space in person or over Skype can help you share followers if what you’re doing is similar. For example, if you’re both landscape photographers, you can hold a webinar to share tips that would bring both of your audiences together, as an example. Or if they have a huge following, maybe they will share your stuff with their following because you’re their friend, or say “go check out so-and-so” which would result in your getting more followers.

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