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I pulled the plug on another CPA. Frustrated by inefficiency, I found myself once again employed as the bookkeeper of my own company — but I hardly ever showed up for work. I had a backlog of nearly a thousand transactions in QuickBooks, five months of credit card statements to reconcile, and despite going to business school I’m still a little fuzzy on the whole debits and credits thing.

This is not what I signed up for!

I’ve been here…

Interview with Adam Saint, Head of Product @ Bench

Building a brand that people respect and remember is a tough job for ever-busy entrepreneurs, yet the reward for doing so is a following of loyal customers who are eager to see what your business will create next.

To support you in developing a brand for your own business, we caught up with experienced brand builder and Bench’s Head of Product Adam Saint.

In this interview he explains how to remove the mystery from the branding process, and offers actionable advice to help you develop a brand that people are genuinely excited to support.

Hi Adam. Building a brand takes…


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