New Data Shows Americans Still Getting Fatter
Johnny Robish

At least you don’t promise to be fair and balanced, don’t you just hate that? But I guess I’m just a dirt poor, near bankrupt republican veteran who served four years during the Vietnam war as a United States Marine Corps volunteer, and an MP, I also turned down a chance to go to officer’s training and now teach Sunday School class to junior High School students.

I may be deplorable, but I got guts, so please be truthful in honor of Hillary and grow up a bit, or, at least pick on somebody who is a rich democrat with a wee bit of funny business going on in her fund raising plan and some trouble organizing her emails, lies, and the symptoms in her little basket of fun. But… She is sticking to the truth, whatever that may be. Be funny next time, will you?

Just little old Corporal Meyer USMC

Reporting as ordered sir