You are both gonna beat this and I can’t wait for us to all go out to dinner when this is over.
Sara Mauskopf

I too had cancer, I will pray for the two of you. It is not a sign of weakness to pray, nor is it a passive thing. I will actively pray that your family surround you in their hearts and arms, and that neither you, nor your husband your give in to discouragement. This will demand your best when you are at tour worst, it will require that you give more when you have nothing left to give and there is no one who does not need your strength. But you and and survive, and so will Eric. Remember that your tears are healthy because they are followed by greater strength, and sleepless nights are best stuff with hope, and seemingly hopeless nights can be filled with words of thankfulness and peace, memories and laughter as you look towards a Father who understands your human pain.


Finally, you must live and keep on living in spite of all the new normals of your struggles. Scream that “You can’t take it anymore” and I’ll scream right back that “You can and you will”. In the end, you will be stronger than you could have ever imagined. Keep me in the loop if you wish. Bob, 608-332–0955