This is so clear, so sensible, and so well written, that I can’t imagine how anyone could disagree.

I was taught, but I have gone beyond teaching, having HEARD his love letter to me when I was about eight. God doesn’t demand blind faith, he simply searches for hearts that wish to know him.

My God is invisible to you now, maybe, but I hope He is seen when you really seek Him in truth. Honest seeking does require a willingness to see, to find, to know.

I’m a man who has been touched by His words when no one lifted a finger to help me, to stop the beatings, stop the abuse, silence the hate filled words, or stop the sexual aspects of my torments. I’m still in pain at nearly 67, yet His words still touch my heart. I’m not a “Good man”, nor a religious man, I’m not wealthy, or even employable due to a blinding stroke, which has since healed. I’m just a man who is a sinner, whose life was touched by His words, and a heart touched by His grace”. There are millions like me, who know Him. We don’t follow an invisible God, we follow a God who by grace revealed His nature to a hungry heart. We know him, and keep on learning of His Grace as we stumble through our mistakes, flaws and heartaches. We can all speak of Him.

When I was blind, and parts of both of my parietal lobes were dying, I learned what darkness really feels like. I was left guessing about where I was, I was filled with questions and confusion, but when a nurse was with me in ICU, she put ice on my head, held my hand, talked to me, stayed with me and touched my heart. She was a fill in nurse at Meriter hospital in Madison Wi., Nov 29, the year was 2009.

I’ve tried to thank her, her touch, and help, gave me great hope, but I never saw her, and no one knows whom it was. Yet she is real. She did bring a touch of love to my life. My God is Just as real as she is.

I hope you find Him, His name is Jesus Christ, and He loves you! It’s so simple, that many refuse to see. Truth is like that, it makes us accountable for what we hear.