The sun, Fog, Yellow Paper and a Pen

When the morning sun rises, I have many opportunities, but the greatest one of all is to stop for just a moment, and drink in the beauty of the sun as it's rising over the pond near our home. Sometimes I even write my posts from there.

Yesterday’s fog was peaceful, and I inhaled the fresh air, and I let my mind wander a bit, remembering both the good, and the bad. I have learned from my mistakes, and I sometimes have had to take life’s classes over. Once, twice, or even three times, before I’ve learned. But at that moment, I’m a smarter and richer man, within my heart.

Don’t ever let your inner voice, or that of others, call you a failure, or drive you to Quit!

Get yourself to Starbucks, or your other favorite place to sit and think, take out a yellow notepad and ask yourself how to change your life.

After my stroke, I had to ask God, “Now what?” I can’t ever do my job any more, I didn’t plan for this, and I can’t even walk well. “Now what?”

I asked the nurse for some paper, and a pen, and I listened to my heart and His. It took 5 1/2 years to fully restart!

The point is, we are never done learning! Get your yellow pad, a pen, and start taking notes!