The Love Of Truth Is Gone!

Our reporters, our entertainers, our actors, our politicians, and sometimes our own lips have abandoned truth for short term political advantage.

It is reversible, but not for long. Soon, it will be too late, it is almost too late already, so please consider this, and take the courage to stand against deception, even when it works for your own cause.

I read this quote, I copied it, and maybe someone can help me identify the author. But it is not as important, as the thought behind it is. Here is the quote, “Democrats should focus on the GOP. Wherever there’s a disagreement among Republicans, I’m for one of those disagreements,” he said. “I’m all for it. The president’s with Russia? I’m with John McCain and Lindsey Graham, I’m for NATO! Why? (It’s a) wedge. Wedges have to be schisms, schisms have to be divides.”

Stunning, there is no call for unity. Listen to me, I’m for truth. I’m not looking to divide, or to attack, I’m looking to unite us as a people around one simple hunger, Truth. Truth must be sought out, our cry for truth must overwhelm our politics, our news organizations and our politicians. It must become the hunger of our souls.

Truth will help us make the best decisions for our country, for our family, and for our world. If you spot a lying reporter, call them out for their deception in a kind and thoughtful way. Do the same for politicians, whether they are Democrats or Republicans, find those that own up to their own mistakes and flaws. We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for truth.

Truth will set us free. There is no room for any argument which is not in love with the truth. We must literally hunger after truth, and hold it dearly, it is all we really have. America, the choice is yours, search for the truth, the whole truth and determine how to clearly divide truth from fiction.