April 2017 In Five Photos

April is always a month of promise. Warmer temperatures. The green comes back from the dead. All of the patios start to warm over, sleeves get shorter, days get longer. Colorado Aprils mean at least one surprise snowstorm (which was had, but just the one).

The Fika is back again this year and we accepted ours with equal parts of urgency and grace. It is a great time of year to remember that coffee is meant to be shared, slowly, in a place where you can sit and enjoy a moment.

We did a quick weekend in New Orleans. Every time we visit the town we spread a little further out, stay farther away from the centralized tourist spots. The first year we were in the Quarter and each subsequent visit we stayed on Magazine Street, off Frenchman, and this time we were in the depths of St. Claude. A neighborhood without sidewalks where you walk by buildings without windows that have been sitting empty and decrepit since the storm. Slowly, it is all coming back to life and being restored — whether the locals like it or not.

A warm Monday morning I ditch some work and lace up the boots to do a quick run up Eldorado Canyon. We got an early start, sitting in some traffic on 36 as everyone else slogged off to their offices. At the early hour it felt like we had most of the park to ourselves. A few climbers were dotting the canyon walls, a few fishermen were on the shores casting into the short waters. We hiked to the vista and back and met the incoming tourist crowds as we packed away to head back to the city.

An open weekend for a protest march. I know I’m in the minority thinking that there has to be something more to this than, well, <em>this</em>. To show up, walk the mile loop through the streets reserved for parade routes, and then — what? As though we were starting an argument that we aren’t looking to ever get resolved.

As I build up my freelance business I find myself working harder and longer things that I would have usually ignored. In this case, throwing a party and staging it as a photo shoot (or was I throwing a photoshoot that I had staged as a party)? Whatever the case, I’m dumping more energy into ideas that are creative than I ever have before to help other people make their own great ideas happen.

All of this energy, it builds up momentum. I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt something like this.

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