Donald Trump holds false promises. And we know it.

If Donald Trump become president that Congress will stop him from doing something radical. Building that wall? Nope. Deporting all of those people like that? Not likely.

It would cost roughly over 500 billion dollars and would take a lot of time that he, nor the military has to spend. Why the military? Well it’s unlikely that Donald Trump will personally do it himself, although he could use police officers, usually the national guard handles things like this. Therefore, it would military’s time.

Another example of something that isn’t going to happen, is that Trump wants to ban climate change. First reason that won’t happen is that we’re already trying to prevent global warming. Although not everyone in the country believes, the majority knows and can see the effects. And because we’re already putting so much work into reducing our carbon footprint, there is no way Donald Trump is going to stop us.

Donald Trump wants to bomb Iraq’s oil field. To apparently “hurt Isis,” (Even though I personally think hes doing it just to weaken Iraq). Not only will this destroy Iraq’s hopes to rebuild it’s self after Isis is gone, but it could hurt us too. As Lt. Col. Rick Francona said,

“You’re destroying the infrastructure of Iraq, you’re not really doing much to hurt Isis.”

This is just a little amount of what Trump wants to do (but most likely won’t happen).

In conclusion, Trump is being idiotic and dangerous. America will (hopefully) not deal with his bullshit.