Georica Gholson, PhD and Danielle Dickens, PhD

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Determining when enough is enough is not easy, and it can be even more difficult to voice. Women are expected to be emotionally supportive, a care taker, and a financial provider for a significant other, children, extended family members and whoever else is in need. And in some cases, these demands will stretch a woman’s patience. Race compounds these competing demands, as Black women are pressured to live up to certain cultural expectations in the workplace and at home. One of the unique aspects of Insecure is how the show follows a Black woman in her late 20s reshaping her identity and renegotiating her relationships at work, at home, and with her best friend. …


Beneath The Facade

Beneath the Facade is a digital community and psycho-educational resource for African American women coping with stereotypical expectations in their environment

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