Urban Exploration Journal N˚2 — Desolate Hospital

Military hospital — Window of Opportunity

It felt like entering another world. It always does. Walking around an area that should house a lot of people, yet doesn’t, usually has that kind of effect on me.

Detail around the Military Hospital - Caduceus

The location was an area north of San Francisco. An old military base that had seen a lot of renovation. That was probably a good thing because a lot of the area wasn’t seeing any use. There were renovated barracks now being used as offices, gym, and some renovated housing. I’m all for the repurpose of things, especially if it’s eventually going to turn into dilapidated rubble. I found out through research of one last crown jewel of decayed gold in the area, the old military hospital. I had to see it for myself and capture it.

MARS? Definitely seems out of this world.

We traveled to the area and found pretty much everything and more I had read about, except for the hospital. I saw plenty of military houses, I mean tons of them, and hardly any were being used. That kind of made the journey all the more eery.

Another window of opportunity.

In addition to the plethora of military houses there were a couple of old buildings, looking like they were from the old glory days of the base. They stood apart from the plethora of plain military houses. They had ornate designs all around the facade, rusted old wrought iron, and of course, every entrance was boarded up. I was very tempted to try and enter the building but thought against it. I don’t like to break into a place to enter, so if there isn’t a super easy way I will leave it for another time.

So I pressed onward. Finally we stumbled upon the old hospital, and yes it was still intact in all its glory. It looked incredible.

The hospital, the crown jewel of my mission.

We walked around the entire building. There isn’t much around the hospital, one or two houses with people living in them. Other than that, it’s barren. There were cameras recording every move, or at least that’s what the military wanted you to think. The cameras looked old, and inoperable. Each entry way was boarded up so entering would be tough. There was one area where you could climb into a back patio area and then possibly enter but it was right by one of the residential houses. So, I opted against it.

I will be back to fully explore inside the hospital. One day…

Afterwards we decided to explore around the area some more and found some nice walking trails. One trail looped around and up this rather large hill. At the base of the hill were very large bunker looking structures covered with incredible graffiti.

Incredible graffiti covered each bunker.

After walking around and up the hill, it looked as if each bunker connected and lead into the middle of the hill. Kind of weird. Either way, the graffiti was pretty incredible.

One day I will return, and venture through the hospital. One day.