5s in New Year

People who get in a conversation with me for a while know that l use business words and concepts in my daily life :). l like creating connections between things according to their similarities. Therefore, I will do that again and set my target in the new year as to apply 5s business concept in every aspectof my life.Let me explain what is 5s in Lean 6 Sigma. 5s represents five words in English that starts with the letter ‘s’ and can be seen as a method to reduce invaluable things in life. These 5 words are: Sort,Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Systematize. (The words may vary with their similar; i.e. set in order: straighten, scrub: shine, systematize:sustain)

I like meeting with new people and I am known as a social person. Therefore, just like every other year, I have met with wonderful people this year also. I am thankful to all of them. Of course like anyone else l have also toxic people in my life but as a new approach l have decided not to spend my energy for the people who bring me down and are selfish.

For the first time in my life, I want to totally ignore the people who doesn’t create any value to the World and l am on the process right now. This year I will try my best to spend all my energy to the people who are remarkable for my life. That means l still do not have any free time J

I want to focus more on the things that create value to the people, organizations and the World. l hope we can all sort out the unnecessary items and processes so that we can live and work more efficiently.

My last but not least new year wish is that hopefully we can start noticing ‘others’ more and show empathy towards them by communicating and understanding each other. May all of us have the bravery to do so.

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