An open request for a £5k grant or (secured) loan

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Not long before this post, I stumbled upon a ‘5 k grant with no strings attached’ (now expired!). Following this offer, the author apparently became overwhelemed by email requests from strangers with ‘great ideas’ (me included!)

Now, in the name of pure need, and dogged belief in my world-helping path, I am doing the complete opposite and openly requesting a £5k grant OR (secured) loan.

The dreamer in me believes — wholeheartedly — that this post will somehow help my cause for a super speedy landing of cash into my account. (‘ask and you shall receive’, and all that jazz). The realist in me, however, does not anticipate being drowned with emails in the same way the aforementioned author was!

Regardless of financial generation, this post, first and foremost is an important ‘marker’ in time. A point of reference from which I can always look back to, compare and evaluate progress.

With that said, I would like to warmly welcome you to the real-time journey of a man on a world-helping mission (*AHEM* currently in need of help!)

Put yourself in my shoes.

What if — you had done the rat-race thing, and it simply didn't fit?…

What if — you had taken a bold leap of faith to break free from said rat-race, and that leap had granted you ‘time’ (let’s say 2 years) to simply LIVE… (quite the story, I can assure you)

What if — during a naturally unfolding process of ‘rat-race-free’ existence, your pespective widened (vastly), providing new realisations regarding ‘systematic constraints’ we are born into.

What if — in response to this widened perspetive you formed a world-helping plan of immense scale, detail and clarity alongside a deep, unshakable sense of purpose.

What if — you believed with every fibre of your being — that what you were about to do could truly help unify the world… and help put the planet on a path to restore balance and harmony (a mission focussed on SPEED not GREED)

And finally — what if — after this process of obtaining such clarity and purpose, you came face-to-face with a moment where money had completely dried out?!

Would you…

A: Take a ‘time-out’. Halt your life-defining, world-helping mission and ‘get a job’? or,
B: Honour your instinct. Lean into the fear. And do whatever is necessary to get on with your REAL work?

Im opting for Plan B. The road less-travelled. And I am asking for help.

I only need ONE person with a panache for philanthropy and a small chunk of money itching to be put towards a greater good.

If that might be you, please get in touch via the email below. If not, at the very least, please share this article and help increase the chances of it landing on the screen of my financial saviour!

Below is the #ABCmanifesto wall art that I have written and designed and will launch via Kickstarter. This is the manifesto from which all else follows. Beyond this, I provide a bullet-point breakdown of information specific to the grant / loan.

Adventure • Beauty • Contribution

These are the values I live by. They are the values that form the foundation of all that will follow with regards to my world-helping plan. To launch this I am kickstarting the #ABCmanifesto wall art, and its partnering book, The ABC Life.

The #ABCmanifesto Wall Art
The #ABCmanifesto, to camera

I cannot emphasis enough, how comprehensive and detailed this world-helping plan is, with clear short, medium and long-term goals. Please get in touch if you can help provide this bridging loan.

Below is the draft artwork and copy for my book, again launching via Kickstarter.

Draft book cover — Front
Draft book cover — Back

Bullet Point Breakdown (the ‘boring’ stuff)

  • The financier

If a grant is provided, you will receive a seriously cool selection of rewards that will be on offer when the Kickstarter campaign launches.

Assuming it’s a loan, I ask it comes from a space of love and support above personal interest. That said, I want to provide solidity and professionalism behind my request, see next point…

  • The numbers
My property based in UK currently for sale.

This is a medium-to-low risk loan. My request is for £5,000 to land in my account asap. The capital amount will be secured against a property I have for sale (left). £5,000 represents around 30% of the minimum profit margin I would make if I were to fire-sell to an investor tomorrow.

On top of this, I would offer a ‘potential’ 10% interest return (£500) generated via a 1% share of profits from a Kickstarter project I will be launching.

I would need to make £50k + through my campaign to get to this. Although my minimum funding goal will start at £10,000, my next stretch goal will be £150,000 (triple 50,000). And I have a clear strategy of how to reach this.

  • Our relationship

Having publicly declared my need for this grant / loan, I’d be a fool not to settle the repayment in a manner that honours integrity.

I commit to being open and truthful via regular communication. I am keen to speak via skype with my financial saviour, sharing more about my plan, income generation strategies, and answering any questions he/she may have.

  • Timeline

With respect, this is NOT ideal for a financier who will act cautiously or slowly. I need to buy some time, urgently. As such, I am aiming to have the money in my account within 10 working days from now (1.5.2017) — preferably earlier.

Im searching for a good-hearted, philanthropic individual who might look beyond niggling details, and simply go with their instinct.

If — on the off-chance — you are someone in a position to help financially.

To End, I would like to refer to Rumi

Forget Safety!
Live where you fear to live!
Destroy your reputation!
Be notorious!

Well, I can safely say I have cast aside safety. Today, with this post, I am living where I fear to live — and in the process — im probably going some way to destroying my reputation!

Hey-ho! lets see where it leads…

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