Clinton much worse than Trump? Highly debatable. I was with you up until the conclusion.
Zack Hamburg

As I’ve written elsewhere, this characterisation of Trump as some kind of reincarnated Hitler is hysterical and unfounded. He’s a megalomanical narcissist concerned, primarily, with his own name and brand. His political history, on nuclear non-proliferation and healthcare and abortion rights, has been consistently liberal. On trade, he’s been exclusively paleo-liberal and protectionist since at least ’92.

The rhetoric he uses now is empty showmanship. He’s spotted an opportunity to capitalize on an atmosphere of discontent, and he’s telling the disaffected exactly what they want to hear in order to advance his own personal ambitions. The Wall is a bluff, his proposed ban on Muslims is unconstitutional; aside from that, he began this race on the Left of the Republican Party. He’s adopted some of the traditional causes of the Right and Tea Party wings, but the transfer has been from them to him. He’s not fundamentally altered the Republican platform; he’s certainly not made it worse (unless you’re of the opinion that ‘free trade’ deals like GATT are good).

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