What war? Nearly always these terrorists are home grown American born kids who have been alienated…
Corrado Rosca

Had I at any point described the war as heroic your critique might have had some small weight behind it. As I didn’t, it doesn’t. War is very seldom heroic. This one in particular is marked by a distinct lack of heroism and moral principle. It is in fact an entirely squalid affair, in which one side believes immorality to be moral and the other — as epitomised by your comment — holds ignorance as a strength.

The birthplace of terrorists is almost completely irrelevant. These are people who swear their allegiance to an enemy state and who view themselves as soldiers in a war against decadence, sin, and all things un-Islamic. They view all who do not swear allegiance to their state and their faith as enemy combatants — as soldiers. The vast majority of mainstream opinion is concerned with parroting your line, whilst at the same time bemoaning the supposed prevalence of ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘anti-Islamic racism’. (As though religion is race. As though it is irrational to fear an ideology which will fly civilian aeroplanes into civilian infrastructure for no better reason than the West’s lack of belief in the veracity of illiterate peasant screeds.)

We, for our part, spend all our time denying the simple facts. We give air time to people who share your view, utterly ridiculous as it is, that these people would be nice to us if only we were nice to them. It clearly shows that you’ve read little about the subject and thought less, that you’ve not even taken the time to know your enemy. It’s not as though they hide their motivations from us; they boast about them, they publish them, they make them public.

But no, it’s clearly all our fault. Never mind that there are millions of homeless people in the United States, that they are by all possible metrics put-upon and oppressed and disenfranchised and alienated, and yet show a remarkable disinclination to shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ and blow themselves up on park benches.

But by all means continue to admire your shoelaces. You’re part of the problem, but stupidity is your right. It’s afforded you by a culture you do nothing to defend, and opposed by those for whom you make apologies.