Or perhaps he’s an adult who realizes that ensuring Trump doesn’t end up in the white house is more…
Karl Milfburn

I fail to see how it is the ‘adult’ position to base your opinion on the elevation of Trump to the status of Great Red Dragon.

No serious analyst of his political history and record can conclude that he is anything other than a centrist paleo- or ordo-liberal with a gift for demagoguery.

His only concrete and actionable policy proposals — and the only ones I suspect he actually believes in or intends to pursue — involve a return to economic protectionism, doing away with the kind of ‘free trade’ deals that were the hallmarks of the neoliberal philosophy that defined the ’90s and early ’00s. The Wall is a catchy bluff; Trump knows how to manipulate his audience. The same is true of the supposed ‘Muslim ban’ which even he must know would be unconstitutional.

None of this is to excuse his rhetoric, but it would be nice to see a return to something like common sense. The entire history of Trump’s personal politics is one of a glitzy, semi-literate Democrat. Anti nuclear proliferation, anti-neoliberalism (he’s been consistent on this point since his involvement in the Perot movement of ‘92), generally in favour of some kind of nationalised health service and liberal on abortion. His main concern has always been himself, his name and his brand. He’s not some malignant neo-Nazi, he’s simply a megalomaniacal narcissist with an eye for an opportunity.

If you take him at his word now, you’re a fool. It’s exactly what he wants you to do. And if you think the angry mobs will simply disappear if he’s defeated at a general election you’re deluding yourself.

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