Fran Drescher condemns capitalism, condones revolution

“One solution: revolution,” goes a popular leftist chant. And a perhaps unlikely figure agrees.

Actor Fran Drescher gets how politics works.

“The heart of the problem, all problems w the world at its core is power & greed fueled by Capitalism,” she tweeted on March 15.

“As long as capitalist BIG Biz RULEs they’re middle management I fear,” she continued, referring to politicians.

Drescher understands that capitalism is a dictatorship — the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. This is why she refuses to support any candidate from a bourgeois party.

The actor also openly voiced support for revolution.

I emailed Drescher’s agent, requesting an interview.

“She recently criticized capitalism on Twitter, and I think many people would love to read about her views on politics,” I wrote to her talent management company.

“That would certainly be interesting,” her agent replied.

“However she’s not doing interviews at this time,” she added.

Darn — that would have made for an interesting conversation.

Originally published at on March 16, 2016.