NY Times blames “feckless leaders” for Yemeni people’s suffering while ignoring US support for destructive “civil” war

In a feel-good, pick-yourself-up-by-your-bootsraps puff piece on May 18, the New York Times blamed the Yemeni people’s extreme suffering on “feckless leaders.”

Meanwhile, it failed to mention a single time the US role in the brutal wars that have devastated the poorest country in the Middle East — whether it be the ongoing Saudi-led, US-backed war that has killed thousands and reduced sections of cities to rubble; or the US drone war before that, that helped fuel extremism, not defeat it.

Liberals want us to feel good about Yemenis — who truly are incredibly inventive, stalwart, and brave — making solar panels. Meanwhile, they fail to mention that our tax dollars have funded the internationally banned cluster bombs that are raining down on Yemeni civilians.

Also, despite the insistence of the New York Times to the contrary, the bombing campaign in Yemen is not a “civil conflict”; it is a catastrophic international imperial war being waged on Yemeni rebel groups by a coalition of several Middle Eastern countries, led by the Western-backed Saudi regime, with weapons, intelligence, and guidance from the US and the UK.

And no, for the umpteenth time, the Houthis are not “tools” or “puppets” of Iran.

Originally published at bennorton.com on May 19, 2016.