WeContent Case Study: Four Line Supply Kickstarter Campaign


Four Line Supply was started by a couple of cocktail lovers to create unique drink products. The only problem: They didn’t know which product to create. Even worse, they had just 4 months to launch the product before the holiday shopping rush began.

Solution: Build a Community and Crowdfund

We created an Instagram account called @CoffeeCocktails and helped Four Line Supply build an audience of cocktail enthusiasts. After acquiring several thousand followers, we asked the followers for their feedback on a variety of product ideas.

The winning idea was a specialized journal for cocktail recipes. Then we asked the community to help us refine the idea through surveys and comments. The community even chose the cover design. We finalized the digital prototype and began the pre-launch campaign with just two months until Christmas.

We ran a viral journal giveaway that encouraged people to share the project with friends. We grew Four Line Supply’s pre-launch email list from 60 to over 1300 in just 2 weeks.


Four Line Supply launched their Kickstarter campaign on November 1, 2016. On Day 1 they raised over $5,000 and received their first media inquiry. On Day 4 they were featured as Kickstarter’s Project of the Day, and on Day 5 they met their $15,000 goal.

Four Line Supply went on to raise $24,000 during their two-week campaign and was still able to ship in time for Christmas.

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