My Experience in Boot Camp so far — Day 2 Home Session

I must confess it takes one to be determined and resilient to continue in this journey. As it is commonly said that success is not a destination but the road. This is a build up on my last post and yay! I finally understood git branching and its purposes. Consequently I was able to implement it in today’s task. Thanks to my BFA, Winner Bolorunduro .

The learning is challenging, however, I must say an open mind and a willingness to learn will take you further than you ever imagined. Today, I learnt HTTP request library with JavaScript, I explored callback functions and worked my way through parsing JSON with JavaScript. I was used to parsing JSON with python but I delved into it with JavaScript today. Such a rewarding learning experience!

I am completely stressed now and I can barely type with my fingers. I look forward to sharing more beautiful experience with you.

Thanks for being here.