AnyFlip — The Best Magazine Maker for Designers to Free Download in 2016

As more and more easy-to-use digital publishing software appears in the digital market, some marketers or entrepreneurs decide to self-publish their digital publications, ranging from magazines, brochures, pamphlets to photo albums. Although it doesn’t mean designers won’t be needed any more, it is very necessary for designers to improve their designing skills in order to publish real professional digital publications.

As we all know, even if you are a talented designer, you can’t publish amazing digital publications without the help of an excellent digital publishing tool. So if you try to find that tool to create engaging digital publications, then here is the right place for you to go! AnyFlip, known as the best magazine maker, has been downloaded by designers for thousands of times in 2016. Can you endure to miss it as a far-sighted designer?

Video tutorial: See how to design an amazing flipping magazine background with AnyFlip:

Wow Readers with Attractive Digital Publications’ Background

Are you amazed by the digital publications’ demos in Believe it or not, it really gives me a visual shock with their topic-centered and attractive backgrounds when I first view them in this website. Now you are able to create your own engaging digital publications’ background with the following materials:

100+ Pre-design templates: They are classified into 6 kinds of templates including Classical, Flat, Float, Neat, Slide and Spread template. When you choose different templates, the toolbar designs will be changed correspondently.

20+ Neat themes: whether you want create a professional business digital publication or a lovely magazine, you are able to choose a neat theme to apply in your digital publications.

14+ Background images: There are 14+ pre-designed background images in this software, which can be applied in nearly all topics. In addition, it supports you to add new background images to apply in your unique digital publications.

18+ Dynamic background scenes: It allows you to apply the pre-designed dynamic backgrounds or add your new one in your digital publications.

AnyFlip-The Best Magazine Maker for Designer

Provide a Pleasant Reading Experience for Your Readers

When you convert your static PDFs, images and MS office files into digital publications with realistic page-flipping effect and sound, your readers will read your digital publications as if they read a real printed one. This magazine maker AnyFlip devotes to provide a pleasant reading experience for readers, for example:

1. Flipping your digital publications (Desktop or laptop) or sliding your digital publications (mobile devices);

2. Zooming in/ out digital contents in your digital publications;

3. Presenting your digital publication in single page or double page;

4. Animating your digital contents with rich media (videos, audios, sliders, buttons, hotspots, links, etc);

5. Reading engaging digital publications on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android phones and tablets;

6. Navigating digital contents with Thumbnail, Search, Bookmark and Table of Contents Option;

AnyFlip- The Best Magazine Maker for Designers

To sum up, creating an engaging digital publication isn’t an easy task at all even if you are a professional designer. But when you have a good command of a versatile digital publishing tool, it can really facilitate your work. For example, when you use AnyFlip, then designing an attractive digital publication’s background and content layout won’t be a problem any longer. What you need to do is to focus on your thoughts and ideas. It really saves your time to publish an engaging and professional magazine in a whole.