AnyFlip — The Best PDF to Flash or HTML5 Brochure Maker Free Download

PDF to Flash or HTML5 Brochure Maker

Digital brochure has gained its popularity in promoting business or product in recent decades. On the one hand, it can be widely circulated on the internet. On the other hand, it helps to generate more business revenues in a lower cost. Frankly speaking, AnyFlip is an excellent brochure maker to distribute your digital brochures in a wide, quick and fast way. Whether you are a professional brochure designer or not, you can free download this software and make your own professional brochures in minutes.

Here is a video tutorial showing you how to create a page-flipping brochure with AnyFlip:

Impress Readers with Realistic Page-turning Effect

With AnyFlip, you can easily turn your PDFs/images/Microsoft office files into flash or HTML5 brochures with page-flipping or sliding effect. The lifelike page-turning effect will give readers a great and comfortable impression at the beginning. In the meanwhile, it impresses readers with its attractive dynamic brochure background, well-designed layout and quick brochure loading speed as well.

PDF to Flash or HTML5 Brochure Maker

Entertain Readers with Convenient Toolbar Navigation

It is really inconvenient for readers to find out needed information in a whole digital brochure by flipping it page by page. AnyFlip allows you to edit a convenient brochure toolbar, which navigates your digital brochure contents flexibly. For instance,

Zoom button: zoom in or zoom out any contents in your digital brochure;
Page guiding button: click “Next Page/Previous Page/First / Last button to flip brochure page;
Search button: find out needed digital contents quickly in your whole brochure;
Switch language button: readers in the world can quickly switch to their native language;
PDF to Flash or HTML5 Brochure Maker

Reach More Readers with Multi-platform Distribution

No matter how wonderful your digital brochures are, you have to distribute them widely in order to increase their sale conversion rate. This brochure maker allows you to share your digital brochures via email, QR code and social media (Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc). In the meanwhile, you can increase your digital brochures’ traffic by embedding them into your own website or blog as well. What you need to do is to copy the embedded code and paste it on your website or blog. Most importantly, the HTML5 digital brochure you publish in AnyFlip can be read and shared on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android phone and Android tablet.

PDF to Flash or HTML5 Brochure Maker

Advertise Your Business in an Unconscious Way

AnyFlip not only advertises your product promotion information in your digital brochures with rich multimedia, but also advertise your business in an unconscious way as well.

Expose Business Logo in Your Brochures: customize your brochure’s loading logo, toolbar logo, bookcase logo with your own business logo;
Promote Business with Google AdSense Service and Advertising Banner: video or photo slideshow advertising banner can help you to advertise your business in an animated way.
PDF to Flash or HTML5 Brochure Maker

In conclusion, as the best PDF to flash/HTML5 brochure converter, AnyFlip ensures readers a great brochure reading experience for its realistic page-flipping or sliding effect, convenient toolbar navigation, multiple sharing platforms and the more. So why not have a bold try on your own?