Free Online Flipbook Software AnyFlip for Marketing Your Online Website

Are you wondering how to market your online website and drive more profits for your business? Lots of successful marketing strategies have been used for marketers to develop their online websites, such as blog marketing, email marketing, press releases marketing, PPC(Pay-Per-Click) advertising and the more. Now I would like to show you how to apply those marketing strategies in your digital publications. As we all know, creating PDF eBooks is a traditional way to promote our online website or business. Now you can exploit the maximum economic effects of your eBooks with this free online flipbook software–AnyFlip.

You are able to market your online website through flipbooks which can be created from your plain PDFs, images and MS documents in this digital publishing software.

Customize Your Own Flipbooks’ Domain

AnyFlip enables you to customize your own flipbooks’ domain. In order to market your online website or business, naming a website-related flipbook domain will make your website or company easier to be searched by your readers. When you publish your flipbooks online, your designed flipbooks’ domain name will appear in their URL links.

Embed Neat Bookshelf on Your Website

Besides the well-designed webpage layout, interactive digital content in your website will be another important factor to drive website traffics. Instead of presenting your product one by one in your website, you can describe all your products in flipbooks and arrange your flipbooks in a whole bookshelf. This digital publishing tool also enables to beautifully showcase your whole bookshelf in your website, which not only ensure a neat webpage layout, but also present your product in an animated way!

Convenient Book Plugins for Online Website

Blog marketing has been one of effective ways to market your online website. AnyFlip allows you to publish your flipbooks in WordPress/Joomla/Drupal Plugins, which can be easily installed in your own blog and website. It is another way to make your website and products expose to more potential readers.

Integrate Ads into Your Flipbooks

You are able to advertise your online website in your flipbooks. On the one hand, Google AdSense Intergration allows you to display ads related to your own business in your digital flipbooks. On the other hand, you can add video advertising banner or photo slideshow advertising banner in your flipbooks as well. Both of them have been proved effective ways to drive more traffic to your website and earn more profits for your business.

All in all, making an engaging and advertising flipbook will be another effective way to promote your online website and business. Why not make full use of this free flipbook software AnyFlip to bring more traffic to your online website?