The Best HTML5 Presentation Maker Focusky Free Download in 2016

Opinions vary when it comes to the question that which is the best HTML5 presentation maker in 2016. As far as I am concerned, I would like to give my vote to Focusky. On the one hand, it helps me to wow my audiences with its great zooming, panning and rotating transition effects. On the other hand, it also allows me to manage my presentations on Focusky cloud platform anytime anywhere.

If you tend to publish an animated presentation which differs from PowerPoint slide-to-slide presentation, then this free presentation program will be one of the perfect solutions for you. Let’s check out together how powerful Focusky is!

The Major Amazing Features of Focusky

1. Stunning presentation transition effects (zooming, panning and rotating presenting effects);

2. The unlimited drag-and-drop canvas enables to express your great creativity and thoughts;

3. Rich resources: 1200+ online royalty-free flash animations, 5000+ online royalty-free vectors, 1000+ diverse presentation templates and the more;

4. Animate your digital contents with four animation effects (entrance effect, exit effect, emphasis effect and action path effect)

5. Make sure a comfortable presenting experience with auto play setting, countdown setting, side bar setting and the more;

6. Great interaction effect: When you choose an action object, you can trigger another object behaviors;

7. Flexible publishing options: Publish to Cloud, Video, EXE, HTML, HTML5 Web Page, Mac OSX Application, Mobile Type, ZIP and PDF formats;

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Focusky

As a highly-compatible HTML5 presentation maker, you are able to publish your digital presentations on your Windows PC or Mac. In the meanwhile, you can publish your presentations in Flash or HTML5 format according to your needs. Its technology team continues to update their software in order to offer more new functions to users. You can get instant help whenever you come across difficulties in the process of creation

Of course, there are also some disadvantages for you to use Focusky as well. For example, your flash presentations can be read through Flash Adobe Player 22 or below version. You can’t remove its watermark if you don’t upgrade your free account to STANDARD, PROFESSIOANL or ENTERPRISE.

How to Create Inspiring Presentations with Focusky?

Focusky is the simplest HTML5 presentation maker for beginners to create stunning 3D HTNL5 presentations in a breeze. Once you publish your HTML5 presentations online, you can share your digital presentations via social media and read them on your mobile devices seamlessly.

Here is a simple video tutorial helping you to publish your own presentations in Focusky:

Step 1: Customize your presentation background with video background, image background, 3D background or color background.

Step 2: Edit the path with four different frames (circle, rectangle, bracket and invisible frame).

Step 3: Enrich digital contents with rich media (texts, shapes, links, images, audios, videos, flashes, SVG, etc).

Step 4: Add animation effects (Entrance effects, exit effects, emphasis effects and action path) and interaction effects for your digital contents.

Step 5: Customize the share, pre-loader, exhibition,, encryption settings and finally Publish your presentation in HTML5 Web page format.

In summarize, Focusky is one of the best presentation makers for you to publish HTML5 presentations which can be read on different mobile devices in a stable and seamless way. So why not take advantage of this tool to make you own stylish HTML5 presentations right now?