The world is a library

I was just thinking — the world we live in is strange (but also interesting) indeed. It is full of people, each of whom has their own life story. Every day many are born, but also many die. A shed-load of books of new lives is opened every day, on the other hand many books of fading lives are being finished with their very last chapter and, in the end, close.

If we opened any of these stories, we could read the full storyline of people’s lives. Some stories would remain unfinished, some would be already finished leaving us happy, disillusioned or downright sad. Tonnes of these books are remembered after their finishing for a few years or decades, whereas tonnes of others others are immediately forgotten. Only very few remain remembered for centuries or even millenniums.

But let’s focus on the most of us — how long will we remembered after we abandon this world? Will our children remember us? And what about our grandchildren? And more importantly, will we ourselves be gratified with the story we’ve written? Will there be anything we might regret or wish we had done differently?

Each of you has to answer these questions yourself (including me), but I’ll try to give you my standpoint. Being remembered is important, but it’s also important to stake how we should be remembered. Irrespective of how long we will be remembered, we always must remain positively in the minds of people who matter to us. We cannot be liked by everyone, that’s for sure. But we should never be reckless for our dearest, and so once when that last word of novel finishes, they will be able to say: ‘He/she lived a good life and loved others around him/her.’

But what happens after a book is finished? Is there anyone who administers this entire library and reads these stories? This really depends upon your religion (I believe in the omnipotent administrator aka God), but regardless of your religion always live your life to make it fulfilling not only for yourself but also for the others so that your book will once give someone else a spark to change their lives and make them fulfilling for others as well. Because in that way, the world will be a better place.

P. S. The spur for the gist of this article was gained after watching this.

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