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Medical student who loves to write in his "free" time. Bennett is the author of “Dark and Bright: Poetry and Prose”. @BennettEmpty
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A rush of satisfaction
As the mantle is placed upon eager shoulders
Your first white coat.
Still short, but imbued with responsibility
Mother snaps a photo
Father beams with pride
Your hard work has paid off.
But would you still accept this gift
If you knew the hidden risks?

For with that coat you enter a population
Five times more likely to suffer depression
One in three suffer from distress and anxiety
15% contemplate suicide.

But once you succeed
Another proud day
Of graduation
Parents still pleased as can be.
Your white coat lengthens
As you join a cadre of healers
Individuals committed to saving lives,

Photo by Chen YiChun on Unsplash

When I was a kid, I remember looking at adults and thinking, “Man, they really have life figured out.” I thought that grown-ups knew what was going on and how to respond to all the surprises life has to offer. Now that I am, technically, an adult I realize just how wrong I was.

Life is unpredictable and nobody really knows how to respond. Most of us are just winging it. The best we can do is try to be flexible enough to adapt to the changing landscape of life, and to try and prepare for the situations that may…

“The Brave Night” by M.T. Bennett

Gather round and here the tail of the brave strong Night of Nitershvale.
He was brought before the Counsel of Mages
Who spoke quite seriously,
“Brave strong Night of Nitershvale,
We have a feet for the.
Hour precious princess has been taken
And locked up far away.
A dragon guards her prison tower.
Though perilous, we knead you to beet this dragon and save the princess.
The choice is yours to accept but we advise ewe
Chews wisely.”

“I’ll do it,” cried the brave strong Night,
“For I am no week cowered!”
With that he leapt upon his hoarse
And road to the…

“Santa’s Secret Coal Mines” by: M.T. Bennett

Approximately 1% of the population
is among the most
and formative years of life,
Characterized by
negative affect,
decreased motivation,
alterations in cognitions
and executive function.

It is noteworthy that most of the increased mortality
is attributable to suicide.
The degree of suffering experienced is immeasurable.
We are sorely in need of new approaches
to achieve better outcomes.

The Brass Serpent. By Russian artist, Fyodor Bruni, 1839, Tretyakov Gallery)

Moses is a hero of mine. His is a powerful and nuanced story that teaches us much about life. I would like to discuss two small tales from his incredible life and share how they can apply to our time today.

Brass Serpent

During their 40 years in the wilderness the Israelites often complained against God. During one such instance “Fiery serpents” were sent among them as a punishment. Yet with the punishment God provided a way to be healed along with a lesson for the Israelites. Moses, following the Lord’s instruction, “made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a…

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

“I cannot take that pill,” she said,
“It makes me woozy,
It hurts my head!”
Between her protesting cries
I ask if she’ll be immunized.
She balks that I would be so bold
And fixes me with eyes turned cold,
“You cannot stick my arm today,
The flu shot makes me sick I say!
These treatments have bad side-effects,
I’ve read up on the internet,
Effects that I don’t want to get!”

I’m glad you wish to be well read,
And fill with facts your worried head.
This vigilance is really neat…
Do you do the same with what you eat?
Your sugars have…

Photo by M.T. Bennett

I saunter through the woods
Slowly ascending the mountainside.
Peace clothes me like a warm blanket
As Nature and I spend time alone.
I note how the snow shows so much life
Bobcat prints, deer scat, a rabbit trail,
Tall brown grasses resist the winter weight
Trying to shake off the snow and stand tall.
I inhale the crisp cold clean air,
As condensation freezes on my beard,
And push further up the trail.
Eager to see the view
And to sit and ponder a while,
I crest the summit.
My ice caked boots freeze in place
As I see the unexpected horror
Of the valley below.
In the years since last I took this hike
That viral…

M.T. Bennett

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