Movie Manipulation

As I was doing the reading, I couldn’t help but think that this all makes so much sense!Why wouldn’t political parties fund movies?They definitely have the budget!

These political parties are well aware that millions of people go to watch these movies so why not promote their ideology directly to the eyeballs of the citizens.

Corporations, just like political parties, also spend a lot of money to promote their products and to have their products seen on the big screen.

They know that movies attract eyeballs, millions of them!

Every marketer knows that the whole purpose of marketing is to attract eyeballs!Because the formula goes as follows:

Eyeballs =Attention = Power=Profit

Smart celebrities and businesses understand that they need to court attention and have people’s eyes on them at all costs!The Kardashians, Kanye west, and Donald Trump, for example, are always saying or doing absurd things because they know that it gets people’s attention and eyeballs on them, and with attention comes power and profit.

This is why you’ll often see ridiculous commercials and advertisements because it gets the people talking!

The Kardashians are not millionaires for their talent per se, they are millionaires because of their ability to court attention!

“All publicity is good publicity “

Why wouldn’t political parties, then, promote themselves and persuade the audience?They see companies doing it all the time and it seems to be a good return on investment for them.

The public audience is so vulnerable and so focused on the movie that they’re watching that it’s very easy to brainwash and feed their subconscious mind by strategically persuading them to the political ideology without them even being aware that it’s even happening.

Movies, unlike banners and posters, are a much better form of marketing.Because there are so many banners out there that you cant be sure that their even looking at yours!someone can not be looking at the banners and ads but everyone at the theater is focused on the big screen!

Here is a small excerpt of the reason that just shows you how much influence movies have on you and your train of thought.

You can be persuaded much more easily then you think you can.

“White telephone films, then, are a somewhat subtle example of the use of cinema as a tool of propaganda:in putting forth an image of life in Italy as prosperous, wealthy and frivolous, they both distracted audiences from the realities of their everyday existence, and propagated an idealized sense of life under Fascism.” -page 102 reading
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