@Dear 15-year-old me,

From the day that you decide to be independent and not follow your elders advice you will have to make several decisions by yourself.

90% of the time you will go for the wrong ones. You will fail at almost everything you attempt, this could be with family, in relationships, in your studies and even sports,knowing that sports are what made you! You will ruin almost everything you touch and suck at whatever you want to do. But somehow you will keep moving forward, you will learn and grow. You will get better but will always fail. You will be trapped in a vicious circle but you will always pretend that you are fine. You will try to please everyone but end up loosing most of Those people anyways.

You will always be on the run trying to fix things but instead, you will be breaking yourself. You will question all of your choices, face all your regrets and try to find meaning of your own existance.

Those questions will haunt you and you probably wont find the answers but it’s fine! The choice is simple, you either try to understand and loose faith or just believe and give up on understanding how the universe works. Because at the end of the day you will realize that you don’t matter more than anyone else around you. Your job is to enjoy the ride and leave behind some reasons to be missed. Dear 15 year old me, you will fail over and over again not to finally succeed but only to get better. You will keep breaking your heart until it’s open and you will finally understand that the point is not to be a good man but a great one!

Remember not to let death take you alive and always keep in mind that what matters the most is not how far you have come but ask yourself if the path you took to reach where you are today, is the right one?