To Grow or Not to Grow your Small Business? The Role of Human Resources in Small Business Growth

An equipped and thriving workforce has always been the driving force to business growth. When business growth occurs, often, the CEO gets all the applause and recognition because they sit on top of the organization, establish the vision, and make the important decisions that propel the company towards success. While this is very commendable, you have to admit; it is the people in the lower ranks that implement the CEO’s vision. No matter how brilliant the CEO is, if the people implementing his or her decisions are not capable or absent, that can hinder the potential and growth of the company. This is why Human Resources (HR) is an important entity more than ever because HR can evaluate and locate the right talent. This is especially true for small businesses because, the fewer the number of employees in a small business, the greater the overall impact those employees have on that company’s bottom line. If a small business does not have the capacity or time to invest in an in-house HR department, an outsourced HR company could be a profitable alternative.

An outsourced HR company can help small business CEOs with the growth of the company and management of personnel issues. According to the Harvard Business Review, HR should be viewed as a partner in the company and are crucial to senior officials. Human Resources adds value to the execution of strategies of a company. It also is integral when it comes to analyzing, mobilizing, and evaluating workforce needs.

Here are the other reasons why the HR is beneficial to the growth of a company.

Helps you find the right talent and number of employees to run and grow your business

The most obvious is finding the perfect talent and determining the size of the workforce to help run the business. Take note that talent is not enough. You need to find the right people who have a combination of talent and attitude to help them maximize sales potential. That means finding the right people who will fit in the culture of the workplace of that company.

Helps you establish policies and procedures to propel human capital and company to the next level

Human Resources will not only help you find the right people. They can support the company when it comes to establishing the right policies and procedures. Human Resources also drive the growth of the employees. The HR policy of the business is usually unique because it adheres to the specific vision of the company. The procedures it will lead to will be crafted specifically to help the business reach its goals and objectives. That is how it gears the employees to strive harder at their respective tasks so company profits will skyrocket.

Helps you understand and know employment laws and rules

Another important role that HR will play in the business growth is through employment laws and rules. As a legitimate business, you need to follow certain rules that will address the rights of your employees. This can sometimes be confusing for small business owners — especially those who are starting. A professional HR team can help you address this confusing task. When the rights of every worker are met, you can increase employee retention and loyalty.

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