explosive bacon, and how animation became the unexpected catalyst of the Netflix series

Late last month, Netflix new original series Disjointed was released for all its subscribers streaming pleasure. Whether you’re a regular viewer of Chuck Lorre style comedies a la Big Bang Theory, or a rightful fan of Kathy Bates who can absolutely do no wrong when she graces the silver screen (Hi Kathy, if you’re reading this we love you and yes, you really can do no wrong. Let’s work together!), you knew that some mixed reviews were bound to riddle a show based on the premise of recreational cannabis distribution. …

expanding the animation company into new dimensions

With a portfolio ranging from surrealistic short films to commercials and music videos, Julien Vanhoenacker is notable for crossing the boundaries of live action directing by pairing unique and stunning visual effects to tell brand stories in cinematic style. Vanhoenackers combined skills provide an innovative perspective and experienced of the VFX and CG worlds. …

Bent Image Lab

We‘re a creative laboratory specializing in animation, VFX, storytelling, and innovation.

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