by Ben Cook

With virtual reality, connected devices, internet, supersonic travel, emerging technologies, and unimagined future technologies, one day n the near future it will MAKE MORE SENSE for everyone to be on the same time zone as everyone else vs. live the way we currently do in “different time zones”.

Here’s why; the simple fact that it just won’t matter where you live, what state or province you’re in, or country for that matter, we will slowly evolve to be evermore connected virtually in ways never before imagined, and connected so “closely” to each other that a time zone would only complicate our lives more than simplify it. For example, as we progress towards working in “virtual offices” with coworkers from all around the world, and where scheduled meeting amongst each other in a “virtual conference room” in a “virtual office” for example, our inherit location will simply become irrelevant and decoding time zones will just be a pain in the ass and therefor gradually become obsolete.

In this foreseeable future geographic distances will simply be torn down, and living this much more “virtual” and “connected” lifestyle alongside one another both professionally and eventually personally, time zones will become irrelevant.