Changes or: I Stopped Worrying and Loved the Future for the EU LCS

Last night, the changes for the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS) were announced. If you have not read them yet, you can find them here.

In Season 6, Riot Games announced that the EU LCS would be switching from best of ones (BO1) to best of twos (BO2). This, as many other people, was a change that made me sceptical. While I was doubtful, I wanted to give the changes the benefit of the doubt. Bo2s was an improvement over Bo1s after all. It ended up being not being satisfying for me and the rest of the viewers as well. People ended up saying their opinion on mediums such as Reddit. I, for one, felt less engaged as there was no clear winner - Former seasons of engagement were reduced. The dual stream also made it possible to only follow a few teams - the commitment to watch the majority of the teams were made harder. The European scene became tougher to follow - Even League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) was easier to commit myself to watch and follow.

Meet Bo3s & one stream - the new future for the EU LCS. Teams will now be divided into two groups of five teams. Here, they will play two Bo3s within their own group and one Bo3 against the opponents from the opposite group. The new broadcast days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday (with flex shows on Sunday) with two Bo3s per day. I love it. I absolutely adore these changes as they allow me to watch the majority of the games and of the teams in the EU LCS. The fact that a team will be placed in groups is something I am looking forward to as well. Suddenly, a mid tier team will not be able to survive by winning against low tier teams. They will be forced to play consistently against every team in their group if not; they will be excluded from the EU LCS as only the top three from every group will advance to playoffs. And Bo3s will strenghten the EU LCS overall as it will help every team in getting more material to review, more experience in playing more than one game in a continuous series and prepare the teams for the possibility of having to play a full best of five series in the playoffs! For me, as a viewer, a addicted to top tier LoL and as a fan, this will surely bring back the engagement into the games and the European scene overall. A clear winner will always be found. My engagement into the scene - a scene that has been hard to follow - will surely return.

While I will not stop watching LCK, EU LCS is surely something that I will spend more time on following, create content around and look forward to watch every week. “Change… is good” as Kha’Zix says and I am sure that these changes will bring a fresh breath to the EU LCS. Something that is appreciated by players & viewers. While it might be my birthday as I am writing this and there only being nine days left before Christmas Eve, I surely cannot wait for the 19th of January as the next season for the European League of Legends Championship Series starts!

Jesper ‘Benvarmeren’ Kuntz is a freelance shoutcaster and an occasionally writer.

You can find and interact with him over on Facebook or on Twitter.