Immigrant Entrepreneurship

On a day like this, 30 years ago, my family and I landed as immigrants in Brazil, coming from Iran.

I was still a boy at the time, but I clearly remember the entrepreneurial gleam in my father’s eyes, the concern in my mother’s eyes, the inseparable companionship of my older brother, and my little sister holding hands with my mother (My youngest brother was not yet born).

The experience of being an immigrant is something truly unique, and in a sense, it guides you for what you will be for the rest of your life.

When you are an immigrant, for many, many years you have the feeling of not belonging to your new home, but also of not belonging to your native land.

As an immigrant, you always remember that you haven’t traveled that far to fail or give up, so you persevere, again and again!

I think it is this mixture of feelings that made us resilient and enterprising as if the world literally had no more borders, and that if we were truly brave and upright, we would prosper!

Somehow, a strong (and unknown) source of energy (that you may call “Willpower”, “Cosmos”, “God”, etc.).) transforms us all, immigrants, into entrepreneurs,

And so it has been my history, in this great nation, in this homeland, in this beloved land that I love so much, where I grew up, educated myself, formed a family. In this blessed land, I firmly rooted.

And still, I’m that boy looking the world thru the airplane window, as anything could be possible to be done!

Happy May 12th, my dear Brazil!!!