Didn’t mean it that way

Uncomplicate it.

So there I was talking to a friend of mine about how complicated we have made things . Some thing as simple as complimenting someone. If you notice telling someone that they are cute or that they smell good would first come up as a flirt or as if the other person is hitting on you or just being sarcastic.. I mean why!? 
Why cant we just randomly tell people that they are beautiful and make them feel great about themselves.

We tend to miss out on so many opportunities into bonds just because we are afraid to say something. We usually state that, we are free to talk about things but do we really? Like common. Lets face it, things would be much easier if we didn’t I’ve think about anything and everything.

Similarly do you know how if someone says that "they want to or would love to get to know you" it comes off as if they have an intention to date you or a motive for it. But couldn’t they just be intrested in you as a normal person? Just as a friend, a great one maybe?

I think that if we gave further chances to simple things and not romanticize or complicate every possible action or thought, this world would be a much happier place to stay in.

So next time you think that the girl next to you looks pretty, tell her about it. Doesn’t matter of what gender you belong to just say it. If you think that a human has a cool t-shirt tell them about it. Go on start a conversation with them. Make efforts into actually becoming friends. Tell people that you want to know more about them because you find them to be an awesome person.

Don’t let the fear of being misunderstood hold you back. Because for all you know, it would turn into a relationship much stronger and better than what you expected it to be.

Now im not saying that you should agree to whatever i just said, but I doubt that there is harm into trying, right? Think about it because it could be a path into flourishing your bonds with so many people.

By- Bensyha aka. Blish