Equal, Equal?

She is beautiful and she has a fierce mind..
She is kind but strong when it comes to bad . 
She is delicate but she knows when she needs to be a stone and when to be a feather.
Its women like these that make our world proud . 
They know what being a woman is.. they dont complain they take actions , they dont want to run away ... instead they want to stand there and make things better. 
It would be unfair to give examples here because there are too many of them.. if I talk about Saniya nehwal then I’m missing sunita Williams. If I talk about Mary kom then I’m missing on jhansi ki rani. 
So instead I decided to make us ... " this generation " realize their power .
You see its too old school to listen about what people did in the past. But what’s better? Is that we ourselves do things that would create history. 
Girls these days. .. women we keep saying that we are strong feminists. 
But are we truly feminists? Do we genuinely follow feminism..?
Think about it.. 
Example ~ feminism includes equality but what about the time when take our title as females way ahead than what we are supposed to take it up To?
How about the times when we insult men for no reason at all? For an instance... men are supposed to open doors , pay the bills, give seats and what not why dont we do that?
Why cant women stand up when they see a man in the bus and say "please sit.. I have been sitting for too long " or maybe.... today’s date is on me or let’s go Dutch ( split the bill )
Oh how could I forget this.... " oh my god look at him he is cleaning the house what a disgusting thing for a man to do.. !"
He is hitting a woman! What a shameful sight ... what he was hit by a woman!? 
And all of these typical stereotypes that society has put in our heads 
This independence day why dont we crush these norms and decide to make society a better place ourselves? 
Make changes to us .. For us and by us. 
Maybe this would make the world a better place for not just women but all species to live in. 
Happy independence day.... 
Thank you ☺

By- benysha aka. Blish ☺

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