Immortality as a concept🕯

Immortality as a noun would be defined as the ability to live forever,eternal life. 
But what exactly is immortality? 
Is it just being able to stay "alive" forever or is it the "value" of something that lasts even after a particular person or object is no more living? 
Just like our stories have taught us that the unicorn lived forever, nothing could ever kill it. Irrespective of any injury or wound it would always come back to life Why? Because it’s immortal. 
But then so were these stories. The Work of great authors is still in the minds of everyone. They were probabaly written five decades back but they still have the capacity to leave us awe struck .
So here I ask you the question, 
Would you choose to be immortal? 
Because if you do you will experience every single bit of what happens no matter what. And here by every single bit I don’t just mean pretty days I also include fights, disaster, plague . All of that and your memory. Every moment is engraved in your head you and can’t not remember everything or forget anything.
But then if you’re not immortal and death does strike you. Wouldn’t you "miss out" on more of life? Wouldn’t you not be able to see what life or your exsistence would throw at you? 
I’m not here to judge or say what’s right or wrong. All I want to do is make you guys think. 
Here I conclude by asking again, 
Would you choose immortality as a concept?

Please leave your answers in the comment section. 
Also special subject credits to heym aka. Cat. Thank you so much!This was a wonderful idea Ily.😊

~ Benysha