Its our start ❤

Remember the first day of your teenage life?
 Didn’t we think that its gonna be all roses and sunshine? 
But lets go back a little ….
Was it all “roses” and “sunshine” …. more like a little bit of thorns and heat? I’m pretty sure you can relate to this. 
There are times when everything goes wrong, that point in your life where the circumstances do not act up like you hoped they would okay let me get it this way.
 When it goes from “Oh she’s my best friend she’ll never hurt me” to “I cant believe she did this to me!” Or maybe a relationship “he loves me so much there is no way he would do something like that” to “he lied to me so bad!”
 Yes this happens …People do hurt you.. they break you tame you and slam you
 But we still have a lot of other chances , to grow to build up Darlings we are caterpillars in cocoons.. We’ve just started coming to life, 
We have a million other moments a little more strength a little more bravery and you could become the butterfly the world will put out an awe for.
 We have an entire life to cherish this is not the end of the world, you still have a lot to accomplish a lot to learn each one of us has the capability to reach the top each on of us has the ability to cross this ocean .
Though hard this journey has a lot to show you… Don’t be naive just keep this in mind
 You are wonderful and the best all you have to do is wait for your magical moment

They said , “ You can’t go any higher this is the end”
For all they knew,
she was already building castles higher than them…

- Benysha aka. Blish

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