Old or reformed?

“A question to humanity”🌐

So I was there sitting in my philosophy class and I had this random thought In my head.

Now, first I want you to forget everything that you know about life and death …..

Then think, we say that your birth is a blessing to you and your death is your punishment… my question is “what if birth Is the beginning of your punishment (your life is your punishment) and death is your Ultimate stage where you are completely free?”

This by what I feel is a question to our logic, and what we’ve been thinking and believing for generations and generations ….

By all of this I just want to prove one thing to you …

Our old style morals and etiquettes were just as fine for the older generations. Now it’s time for us to change them, to make our own relm and make this world a better place to Stay in.

I thus conclude that we have the capacity and the ability to doubt and question things, lets not just put out heads into a mental block that won’t allow any new ideas or thoughts to penetrate through it.

But this does not mean that I’m saying that all of our olden sayings and habits were wrong all I’m asking is for is a reformation of them that makes it suitable for our world right now. Lets join our heads to this connected and better future of our world 👤🌎

By ~ Benysha aka. Blish 💜

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