The emotion i call “A friend”

To each and everyone who reads this, and also to those who don’t

I’ve been questioning the true meaning of a friend. Are they people whom you get along with? But wait not just humans because ‘dogs’ or I rather say ‘animals are a mans bestfriend’. So all living things? But hold on what about ‘a book is a friend for life?’ From online friends to those we have met on trains or to those we have met at different occasions in our lives, there are no limits to this relation. As similar as you can be to them you could be equally different, it still doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy the company and look forward to having them around you.

So many theories but it all lays down one thing, they aren’t things or living beings instead “friends” are a bunch of emotions bunddled up in the most varied form with different memories and moments to live and cherish throughout your life.

Now, all of us at some point may have made mistakes in choosing our company? Or maybe, not choosing someone over someone else or something else. But you know what, sit back down and ask yourself ‘are your wrong decisions are worth the guilt and pain?! ‘

I say no, because at the end of the day, each on of those bonds have taught you something, they have made an impact on you, major/ minor but an impact that affected you may it be for lifetime or momentarily.

Friends are those with whom you’ve laughed, cried and built your dreams with. Maybe some of them didn’t stay for long and some of them are sticking by your side for years and years all together. They’ve supported you and helped you shape yourself into being who you really are and made life a happier and a much more interesting thing to go through.

This is a journey where each bond, each relation counts. So my Advice? Don’t let your friends fade away and always be open on making more. You can never be lonely if you understood what a friend is, maybe it’s your pet fish or maybe your instrument, anything and everything that has made an effect on you and has comforted you when you needed it is worth all the efforts you would put in to keep a friendship alive. So go out there and talk to the people whom you met a long time back and get in touch with them, let them know that you still remember and miss them. Go and make new memories and enjoy what this feeling of “friendship” has in the bag for you.

So here i am thanking each one of you and those who probably didnt even know I’m writing this, thank you for being there for me and thank you for teaching me and filling my life with So many different shades of colour. We may or May not be in contact now, but just to let you know I’m here for you of you need me to be. I love you guys and always will

-by Benysha aka. Blish👣