Worst situation ever? Or worsen the situation forever?

Okay so there I was in the train and this man came in and sat down on the floor he kept sitting until 4 stations passed by. All that while he wrote something on a piece of paper cried after reading it and then smirked. After which he removed an envelope and put that piece of paper in it. Also he removed one of his rings ( probably the oldest one because it was all faded and rusted) And put it in the envelope. With that envelope in his hand he kept leaning towards the tracks. Like he wanted to fall off on purpose. Seeing the tears In his eyes all the other woman realized that he was about to kill himself. None of them tried going up to him and talking to him. And finally after some time one lady got up sat next to him and spoke to him.

This was the conversation that they had :

*Lady ~ Aapko kaha jaana hai?

Man ~ mein jaa raha hu

Lady ~ lekin app bataiye aapko kaha uttarna hai mein appko Paise deti hu app jaake ticket le lijiye.*

This kept continuing for a while and the mans kept saying “mujhe kahi nahi jaana, mein train se nai utrunga, mein jaa raha hu”

Finally when we reached ‘grant road’ station while getting off one of the ladies said “aise hee aa jaate hai ye logg bina ticket ke” and the other one said “it’s not about getting down it’s about the psychology”.

The moment she said that my head went “This means my intuition was right, he was planning to kill himself!”

All the way from the station to my college I kept thinking of that man and hoping that he would be fine .

Later I realized what that lady talking to him was doing. She only spoke to him when the train started. She was keeping him distracted.

When I spoke to my friends about this they kepy saying “he will get what’s In his destiny” and there I kept wondering . So what if me talking to him was his destiny. Maybe I could have helped.

I do feel guilty about not trying. In fact its dissapointing to see how none of the women except of that one lady tried.

We say women are the ones with a better emotional balance. We have a better cope with emotions and that we understand better.

This shows what big hypocrites we are. It proves how our arrogance and esteem against men has increased. Can’t we really just help? Try maybe? What if it was a lady doing something like that? Or would we have still said “it’s her own business let her deal with it herself”

So since this entire thing was in my head all day I decided to go and ask a few women about they would have done in this situation.

Female 1. See maybe the women might want to help but they probably did not have the time for it. Or they have had worse experience about something like this before .

Female 2. Umm. Idk I really don’t know what I would have done

Female 3. I might have gone and helped because he was pretty much harmless and I have spoken to people like that so ya I would have gone and helped

Female 4. I don’t know actually the thing is that even though Mumbai is a good place where everyone helps each other but a woman is never safe with a man. Even if it is at 12 in the night or 12 in the afternoon. Women are never safe with men around them.

Just like that most of the woman and girls had the same points . They would either try to help or be too scared to do so.

Now that i needed a more professional response for my survey I spoke to my psychology, philosophy and sociology teachers. And these were their point of views :

•Psychology- emotional detachment I.e we as a society have become immune and indifferent to the pain of others and thus do not have the time and inclination to help others. A lot of people would choose to be bystanders due to previous direct or indirect experiences as they had no ways to identidy whether the man was faking or genuinely in distress.

•Philosophy- silent participating is what most of the people would choose it’s best to act in the way which would avoid dilemmas later on.

•Sociology- well a lot of people would be scared to do anything .. same reasons , they might be scared or confused . Also, people find it alright to be selfish in such cases fearing the fact that something terrible could happen to them .

Ps. I am not trying to prove anything from this tiny survey that i conducted, I guess it sets All of your minds to a motion by itself.

I just hope the man (where ever he is) to be safe and happy.

Also please comment your opinions in the comment section. Thank you

By - Benysha aka. Blish 💜